Pulanna Bio-Silver Skincare

Today I have a super-fresh review for you, this time I had a chance to try out Pulanna Cosmetics and their phytosilver skincare products which are meant to prevent skin from the appearance of acne and wrinkles. Pulanna Cosmetics was created in 90s when Chinese professor Shu Xiao Xian joined forces with a Polish professor Glinka. Many years of experience and knowledge of eastern practises allowed them to combine unique components like bio-gold, bio-silver, pearls, nephrite, silk, amber, sea collagen, root of ginseng and leopard flower as well as eastern healing plants to create exclusive formulas of oils, creams and balms.

Pulanna phytosilver series uses bio-silver and many rare Chinese extracts that regulate the secretion of cutaneous sebum, it’s perfect for acne-prone skin. I got their toner, eye-cream and a day cream which all were really nicely packaged and literally contained those gorgeous tiny silver-particles. Bio-silver is a very new component to me at least, so I did some research… It turns out that bio-silver regulates the secretion of sebum to keep your skin’s secretion at the balancing state, it also absorbs skin’s bacteria so the ferment that the germ depends on, loses its activity. I was super-excited to give those products a try and now I’ve been using them for around one month…

The toner had a very nice gel-like consistence which felt super-weird to use on a cotton pad so I just literally slapped it on my face. It feels like a mix of a serum and a toner, something I’m not used to at all, but actually I really liked it. It definitely tightened my pores and gave my skin this silky smooth feel. If you look at the photo closely, you can see how those silver particles float around this gel, very luxurious.

Eye-cream and the moisturizer both looked so pretty, you can see how this cream/gel formula has created those beautiful patterns inside the bottles and I also like how they came with a spoon, because you should never put your dirty fingers in a cream-pot. I felt really bad ruining the patterns scooping out the cream the first time…

Anyways, the eye-cream provides skin with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects and makes it very elastic and smooth. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t really used eye-creams because I just always forget and I haven’t felt a need for one so this is actually the first time I’ve been using one. I straight-out admit that I’ve been so wrong and I now can’t live without an eye-cream anymore. I can’t really give it a rating though because I don’t have the comparison moment, but I do love using it and it makes my under-the-eye skin nicely moisturized.

This day-cream has been a real hero aswell and I love the mixture of a cream and a gel that makes it very light-weight. It moisturizes so well without leaving the skin heavily covered in a fatty cream. I feel like it’s been minimizing my impurities a lot and all those products together have kept my skin very clear and smooth.

Pulanna also has other lines of products which are all very fascinating and I think that they’re worth a try because of their sensible price point. It’s also a very good gift idea for your mum, sister or best friend. Use my discount code “helena” to get -5% off any order!

For now farewell and happy Christmas! X

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