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    Bio-Gold & Grape Series Set

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  • Perfect Body Series 18+

    Perfect Body Series

    For those who care for their body.
    Strengthens and lifts body skin, improves elasticity.
    Fights cellulitis.
    Helps remove “orange-peel” effect, skin laxity and sagging.
    Enhances effect from sport activity.

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  • Grape Line Series 20+

    Grape Line Series

    For women with dry, normal and combined skin.
    Anti-stress care, preventive care of couperosis.
    Quick face skin recovery. Improves tone, mitigates oedema.

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  • Silk-Peptide Series 40+

    Silk-Peptide Series

    For women with dry, normal and sensitive skin.
    Hypo-allergic, compensates for dewatered skin.
    Smooths the texture. Due to the low-molecular structure penetrates deep into the epidermis layers. Enhances metabolic processes.

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  • Ginseng Series 18+

    Ginseng Series

    For all skin types.
    Nourishes, moisturizes, keeps young look and beauty.
    Prevents from early ageing, restores healthy and cared-for look.

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  • Phytosilver Series 18+

    Phytosilver Series

    For women with greasy and problematic skin.
    Controls sebum secretion, prevents skin from acne formation.
    Prevents bacteria growth, decreases inflammation.
    Helps to fight couperosis.

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  • Golden Root Series 40+

    Golden Root Series

    For women with dry, fading skin.
    Actively nourishes, regulates water-saline and protein balance.
    Restores irritated, dry and sensitive skin.

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  • Caviar & Diamond Treatment Series 35+

    Caviar & Diamond Treatment Series

    • For women with ageing skin.
    • Prevents the skin ageing process.
    • The main ingredient — caviar – activates collagen production.
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  • Green Tea Series 18+

    Green Tea Series

    For women with dry, normal skin.
    Mitigates inflammation and irritation, promotes recovery.
    Green tea extract cleanses pores, strengthens vascular walls.

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  • Collagen Series 40+

    Collagen Series

    For women with fading skin.
    Strengthens and restores face contour.
    Activates collagen production.
    Features lifting-effect.

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  • Belamcanda Series 40+

    Belamcanda Series

    • For women with ageing skin.
    • Improves the state and complexion that features lack of estrogens during menopause.
    • Regular use improves skin tightness and elasticity.
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  • Bio-Gold & Grape Series 25+

    Bio-Gold & Grape Series

    For women with dry and prone to cuperousis skin.
    Increases capillary and fine blood vessel tone.
    Tartaric acid favours peeling of the upper epidermis, refreshing and creating porcelain skin.

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  • Bio-Gold Series 35+

    Bio-Gold Series

    For women with dry and normal skin.
    Slows down the skin fading process, smooths and prevents new wrinkles.
    Stable rejuvenation effect after 2-3 weeks of use.
    Hypo-allergic series.

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