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Manufacturers of Pulanna beauty products do not stay in the same place. The latter of their developments is a series of beauty products based on caviar and diamond powder. Microparticles of the diamond powder contained in the anti-age cream, refinishers and micellar water of Pulanna new series contribute to keep the skin tightness, renew cells, smooth the skin and slow down the natural process of ageing.

The diamond powder possesses cicatrizing characteristics, enhances microcirculation and improves skin appearance. 4 weeks after the use of these beauty products based on caviar and diamond powder, after having completed a full cycle of renewal, the skin becomes more firm and complexion becomes smoother which is typical to the young skin.

Collagen is known to make our skin younger and more firm; it also makes our skin beautiful, healthy and tight. However, the amount of collagen in our skin diminishes with age, resulting in unwanted wrinkle formation.

One of the main characteristics of the caviar is that it boosts the collagen production, which allows the skin to be young and tight for a longer time.

In addition, minerals and vitamins contained in the caviar, stimulate the skin cells regeneration, stimulate the metabolism and even block the action of free radicals. Caviar extract softens, moisturizes and protects the skin from aggressive environmental impacts.

Recommended from the age of 35+. For all skin types.

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