Care in Bad Weather Set

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Ginseng Peeling for Face

Ginseng Hand Cream

Enhances skin cell’s vitality. Slows down the appearance of ageing. Reduces wrinkles. Forms a non – greasy and thin protective screen on your skin. Prevents hand skin from dryness, chap, spot and fine lines. Read More →

Ginseng Winter Cream

Is formulated with advanced cell active technology, contains extracts of ginseng, angelica and peony. Forms a thin protective film on skin. Keeps the necessary skin moisture. Improves the microcirculation of facial capillaries, accelerates the metabolism of skin cells, and removes skin’s scales. Also, can prevent skin from chap, frostbite and peeling. Protects and nourishes the face skin during the spring and winter. Read More →
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Product Description

Ginseng is a bright pearl in Chinese traditional medical science, and has the mysterious right of light for a long time. Ginseng had been used in a Chinese traditional medicine for a very long time. Ginseng can „clear the five internal organs of body, nourish the hart and calm the mind, expel palpitation, check an unhealthy trends, make people become health”.

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