Golden Root Anti-wrinkle Eye & Lip Area Cream


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Eye and Lip Area Cream is a specimen of strong stimulating and regenerative activity. It increases cell activity and metabolism, skin rejuvenation and refreshing.

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Product Description

Anti-wrinkle Eye & Lip Area Cream with the stimulator of cellular metabolism.

Wrinkle formation is a complex process leading to skin losing its natural ability to bind water. Eye and Lip Area Cream is a specimen of strong stimulating and regenerative activity. It increases cell activity and metabolism, skin rejuvenation and refreshing. It prevents the formation of wrinkles, helps remove dry eczema, melanoderma, and so-called „bags under the eyes.” It leads to formation of epidermis which is soft and silky to the touch.

It is designed for facial skin care, and particularly eye, lip and neck areas.

Main ingredients and function


E – it reduces skin aging, increases skin elasticity, as well as minimises wrinkles and flaws. It protects the skin against lipid oxidation in skin cells;

F – it fulfils an essential function in regulating biological mechanisms of the immunity system and the course of inflammation. It is a so-called Autakoidem (own medicine);

B5 – through deep skin penetration it blocks the processes of skin dehydration, protects skin against dermal stress and infections, stimulates miotic activity, protects the skin against toxins originating in inflammatory processes.

Herbal extracts

Golden Root (Scutelaria Baicalensis) picks out free radicals; soothes irritations, as well as inflammatory and allergic conditions. It increases the activity of skin cells, strengthens skin structure and stimulates natural metabolic processes. It protects collagen and elastin against degeneration changes. It prevents DNA chains from being damaged. It slows down aging processes, restores natural elasticity, improves general skin condition, evens out skin colour (levelling melanoderma), providing it with a healthy gloss.

Root-man (Panax Ginseng) has a stimulating and strengthening effect on skin cells, and particularly stimulates the synthesis of cell elements of the matrix, such as aminoglucose, elastin and collagen through fibroblasts. It stimulates the processes of natural skin cleansing and improves micro-circulation of skin cells.

Oligopeptides stimulate the synthesis of collagen through fibroblasts, increase the moistening of epidermic layers, and restore the density of the dermis.

Evening Primrose Oil stabilises phospholipid membrane, puts its molecules in order and regulates its liquidity. It prevents the skin from dehydration and enhances the activity of other active ingredients.

How to use

After cleansing in the morning and/or evening, apply small amount of cream on the eye and lip area, massage gently until absorb.


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Anti-oxidant care, Anti-stress care, Elimination of age changes, Elimination of deep wrinkles, skin sagging, improvement of skin complexion, Intensive replenishment and recovery, Lifting-care, Lips protection, Preventive care of age changes, UV-protection


Combined skin, Dry skin, Normal skin, Sensitive skin

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