First acquaintance with Pulanna cosmetics

First acquaintance with Pulanna cosmeticsNothing else reveals the age of a woman to such extent as her skin. Healthy and well cared for skin helps deceive time. It is necessary to provide the correct care and cleanliness of skin for its normal functioning. A huge range of diverse creams, gels and masks are offered to help women achieve this. No wonder it is so easy to get lost. You want to look charming, but what should you choose?

Let’s remember at this point that China has several thousand years of history. Experience and knowledge of healing herbs and their influence on the human body have been amassed over the centuries. The Chinese attach great importance to cosmetic products. Many ancient secrets of skin care have been kept and brought to this day and age. They have been examined and complemented by the greatest achievements in modern cosmetology. This has resulted in the creation of a unique Pulanna line which is so far unique on the global market.

Pulanna first appeared on the European market in the late 1980s as a cosmetics line that took into account climate, differences in skin cover composition and more exacting requirements of the quality of cosmetic products.

The line was tested, approved and recognised as having a its own special composition. Today Pulanna is widely known in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other European countries. It has been sold in Estonia since 1998. In the intervening years the range has increased significantly. The latest offer is a natural sun-protective series based on aloe, Indian mulberry (noni) and other plants.

The cosmetics are designed and manufactured as a line for healing and recovery. Thanks to the use of bio-silver (which is known to be an excellent antiseptic), its creams eliminate the problem of skin inflammation.

Each Pulanna series has its own purpose. The main task is to correctly define skin type and the cause of problems, if any.

There is no distinction by age as such. The creams can be selected for any age. The only exceptions are five series: one based on Belamcanda, one based on bio-gold, one based on bio-gold and grapes, a collagen series and a series based on rhodiola rosea. These can be used between the ages of 30 and 40.

Let’s consider in detail some series which are particularly interesting for their composition. The series based on bio-gold is a direct alternative to gold threads. Colloidal gold and silver are superb conductors of useful substances to the medium and lower layers of skin. Creams based on bio-gold create a specific barrier to harmful substances by preventing them from penetrating the skin.

If we talk about the fundamental benefits of Pulanna cosmetics, we should note that most of the creams are hypoallergenic and do not contain any hormones.

All creams easily penetrate the skin thanks to their gel base, which makes them very economical. Cream use per procedure is 2-3 ml, and for eye gels 1-2 ml. The tonics in all series do not contain alcohol – the skin is moistened by hyaluronic acid. The manufacturing process does not involve high temperatures, which makes it possible to preserve the biological activity of all components.

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We will help you choose the right cream – the rest it will do itself!