The Pulanna cosmetic line is distinguished by a proficient combination of the chinese medicine and European innovations in cosmetology.

Wise сhinese medicine masters, who acquired a skill of healing and preventing diseases by using gifts of nature and understanding nature laws, have carefully kept and transferred their knowledge to future generations over thousands of years.

In their recipes they skilfully combined rare healing herbs, metals and minerals, which made famous the sophisticated East. The harmonious accord of unique methods of the East, natural components and the last achievements of the leading western beauticians – all this is Pulanna.

As early as in the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century, Professor Shu Xiao Xian (China) and Professor Glinka (Poland) combined their efforts to create Pulanna cosmetics.

Many years of experience in the field of cosmetology and the knowledge of the innermost secrets of the eastern practice of medicine that have come to us made it possible to skilfully combine unique components (bio-gold, bio-silver, pearls, nephrite, silk, amber, sea collagen, root of ginseng and leopard flower (Belamcanda chinensis), as well as eastern healing plants) to create exclusive formulas of oils, creams and balms.

The special production technology of Pulanna cosmetics made it possible to preserve the efficiency of its natural components. Pulanna is delicate and efficient skin care for the modern European woman.