My first encounter with Pulanna cosmetics

I came into a store to buy some patches for my eyes, when looking through the assortment and chatting to the consultant about the new stuff, I got to the Pulanna corner. I have never seen this brand in retail before, it looks terrific.

The whole corner was packed with beautiful flasks, jars with content none less beautiful. I believe, no one was surprised at my wish to buy them all, as the prices were unexpectedly democratic. All the brand’s products are divided into series according to the age. As a rule, I treat “the unacquainted” with suspicion, so I decided to try a couple of things to make it clear, weather I should “be friends” with the brand or not.

For those unacquainted with the brand:

Pulanna was introduced on European market in late 80-s after the creation of the European Series of cosmetics taking into consideration the climate difference, as well as skin structure and high quality regulations for cosmetic goods.

This is a joint project between specialists from Europe and China. Thanks to the knowledge of specialists on healing powers of plants, minerals and metals, such unique elements were included into cosmetics like: bio-gold, bio-silver, pearls, nephritis, silk, amber, sea collagen, ginseng root and leopard flower, patented technologies Avokadol® and EyelissTM,- that made the cosmetics more effective and active.

So, I give you cosmetics by Pulanna of Black Caviar and Diamond powder base Series, recommended to use after 35:

  • Caviar & Diamond Treatment facial cream – 60 ml
  • Caviar & Diamond Treatment Serum for eye contour – 20 ml

Let’s find out if everything is as shiny as it looks…

Caviar & Diamond Treatment facial cream – revitalizing facial lifting-cream.

Looks rich, the product is esthetically well thought through. It’s packed in an imitated glass jar in a carton box on a plastic stand.

Two spoons come with the cream, must be of its’ double consistency – one for each.

The inside of the jar is protected by a foil membrane.

By removing the membrane we get to this beauty:

the cream has an incredibly interesting design in shape of caviar bits with golden powder that warbles. This must be the Diamond Powder. By the way, I was frankly surprised to learn the cream has actual black caviar extract and not at the bottom of the contents, as well as ginseng extract and diamond powder. When I bought it, I simply wished to have this beauty on my dressing table. I only learned about the contents later. Frankly, I treated the words of the consultant, saying it really contains black caviar, with irony. In vain. I also would like to point out that the cream is scentless.

I’ve been testing it every morning and night for two weeks. My impression is ambiguous. I cannot say it impressed me. Neither can I say bad about it, as it somewhat has the effect. The cream consists of two phases – the gel one and the cream. It’s light and absorbs quickly. Honestly speaking, I’m not a gel textures in treatment, therefore applying the product on my face, I somehow was not excited. At the same time everything is beautiful.

The cream moisturizes the skin well, still I was feeling uncomfortable, due to glass-house effect on my face. It seems as if it was not the cream’s fault, as my skin always suffers of discomfort of gel textures. No irritation, nor allergy caused to my gentle skin, did not stuff my pores. My skin is straight, smooth after it. Gel lovers may like it for facial treatment (I know you’re out there) and rate it better. Unfortunately it did not become my favorite. After two-week testing my hand is no more reaching after it. Instead, it adorns my dressing table.


I didn’t find any vivid cons in it, as it actually works. Treatment is light, medium. I did not notice my skin change so much. To compare the promises of the producer we get the outcome:

  • Lightning lifting, that the producer promised, I did not notice
  • If the self-activated collagen worked, I don’t have a clue
  • Revitalizing effect is poor, didn’t feel the skin being fed
  • Moisturizes the skin perfectly
  • I’m not aware if it stopped the deep wrinkles to appear, as I don’t have any
  • If the regular skin elastics changed more than usual I have not felt either

Conclusion: one must use the cream more often (although two weeks was enough for the cream to show itself), or the producer lies. It is just a good moisturizing cream.

Testing time: 2 weeks

Grade: 3 for the treatment properties, 5++ for the design

Caviar & Diamond Treatment Eye Serum – revitalizing lifting-serum for eye contour

Let’s see how reliable the producer is now…

I admit, this serum has become my favorite. It seems as a simple serum. Actually it is really fantastic!

I have started to sympathize eye-section treatment products in tubes. Just a year ago I preferred jars, although tubes are more comfortable and hygienic. So, this serum is packed in a tube with a comfortable nose-pump, that gives the exact needed amount.

The structure of the serum is very nice, medium thickness, easily applicable, absorbs well and most importantly – it works!

Besides great treatment properties serum also has many light-reflecting elements, I tried to get on camera for several days and I did it at the end, although it looks like shimmer on the photo somehow, in reality these are so delicate, that one cannot confuse them with shimmer.

Serum feed the skin well, moisturizes the gentle skin in the eye area, notably raises it’s tone, makes the wrinkle net less visible and lights the skin under the eyes, if one has dark circles around. The serum is a perfect base for make-up, as it also says on the package. All in all, I recommend this product and will use it with pleasure myself.


Let’s compare the results with the words of the producer once again:

  • Again, the collagen activating thing, I cannot measure it only by saying the skin is getting better while using serum
  • The eyelid skin really seems rested and smooth
  • I don’t know how the turgescence is maintained, but it raises the skin tone
  • I cannot say anything about the renewing of the epidermis cells, as I simply don’t know how to see it
  • And stuff about slowing the natural ageing of skin cells – that’s sci-fi. If the creams could really do that, no one would age. The whole world would buy Pulanna products and we would make the ageing process stop. We would live long and happy!
  • And the texture is really perfectly light

I understand the marketing move and stuff. I am more bored by producers promising the unreal and repeat that over and over. I would really like to look him in the eye and ask, if he really thinks one would believe this crap?! To cut it short it is really boring.

Testing period: over 3 weeks

Grade: 5

Have a great day!
Sincerely Yours Dilia