Moisturising daily cream and eye contour gel from the Green Tea series

Hi, everybody!

Here comes the first post of the new year of 2017, and it concerns two products at once!

I remember seeing them on the web site and wanting to try them immediately. Do you know, why? Did you see the design? To be more accurate, how the cream is provided in a bottle? This is fantastic! Wow!

Nano technologies have reached our dressing tables. And design of the eye contour cream is also cool! But let’s start with the beginning.

Moisturising protective daily cream from the Green Tea series

  • Effectively moisturises the skin, not over-burdening it
  • Increases the skin resistance against negative environmental impacts
  • Strengthens capillary walls, improves elasticity, prevents couperosis
  • Features powerful anti-oxidant effect
  • Fights inflammations and irritations, promotes healing of skin
  • Has antibacterial and anti-acne effect
  • Boasts astringent, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Contains natural light filters, which protect skin from negative impact of UV rays


Cream is enclosed in a transparent plastic jar with a silver lid. A jar is packed in a carton box, a set also contains a small spatula so you can conveniently administer a tiny ball of cream.

The design of packing is gorgeous! Everything is so simple – no luxury containers or heavy glass, but an idea and its performance are the cut above the rest luxurious creams.

A jar contains the light transparent green gel with the round cream capsules inside, placed in several rows.


This is the inside of the freshly open jar. A moment ago, it was sealed with dense folium.


And this is what a portion of cream + gel looks like. A capsule itself is very soft, it dissolves in contact with spatula. But the cream was shaped as capsule.


This is a totally destroyed capsule. Such amount is quite sufficient for applying the cream onto face and neck.

And now I’ll tell you my opinion about this cream.

In the beginning, I was doubtful about the cream as I don’t normally use the mass market products, and I was afraid that the cream will block my pores and I will be covered in pimples. But I was curious and started to use it. Now, I am absolutely confident that it doesn’t block pores at all! It is so light and pleasant. It is peachy keen on moisturising and softening skin. I apply it daily as the base for makeup, it is also fine. Cosmetics overlies in an excellent way, nothing dwindles or vanishes. Besides, it fights efflorescence efficiently – partially removing the existing ones and preventing appearance of new rashes.

All in all, this is the ideal cream for my skin. My closest know that I have lately stopped using facial creams, and switched over to serums, fluids and gels as my pores get immediately blocked by heavy textures. But this cream gel is so light that it doesn’t affect my problematic skin. It absorbs very fast leaving the skin moisturised. What’s more, the cream has light, fresh aroma, which quickly disappears.

Testing terms: about 3 months.
Mark: 5 out of 5
Reference to a product:

Our next product is:

Invigorating & firming gel for eye contour from the Green Tea series

  • Boasts regenerative and anti-oxidizing properties
  • Regulates metabolic processes, regulates hydro-lipid balance
  • Improves micro-circulation in skin cells, strengthens capillary walls
  • Moisturizes and invigorates skin
  • Improves eye contour skin elasticity, and makes it more resilient
  • Contains natural light filters, which protect gentle eye contour skin from UVA-UVB rays, prevents early ageing of gentle skin in the eye area.


Use of the eye contour gel is especially recommended for everyone who applies decorative cosmetics. The gel serves an excellent base for makeup, preventing drying of the eye contour skin. Invigorates and firms skin, inhibiting appearance of early wrinkles.

This gel, similar to the above-described cream, is packed in a carton box with spatula included in a set. But design of the gel inside the jar is totally different. Here we can see spirals.


View from above. So, that transparent greenish gel contains spirals of cream. The spirals beautifully gleams with multi-coloured sparks.


You can see those sparks on the swatch (where gel and a piece of spiral are already mixed). This is finely divided shimmer, which can be seen under eyes on closer inspection.

And here comes my opinion.

I like this cream very much but there is one BUT which means I’ll stop using it regardless of all its benefits.

Of course, it’s peach keen on skin moisturising! I have never had anything so great for skin moisturising. It is gorgeous as daily cream! It gets absorbed very quickly, and highlighter is always evenly applied. Therefore, highlighter won’t roll down or ball up in folds – it lies in a perfect unnoticeable way. No dry zones, exfoliation, accentuated texture. Absolute delight!

However, there is something wrong with its ingredients – it irritates my eyes, and they start watering. In fact, the feeling is very unpleasant and that is why it’s uncomfortable in use. I am not sure if I continue to use it – likewise mice that teared, pricked against cactus needles but went on to stuff themselves – or will refuse to use it anymore: we’ll see.

Testing term: about 3 months.
Mark: 4 out of 5 (minus one point for mucous irritation)
Reference to a product:

Источник: Maria Batory, ZoomZoom Beauty

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