Special Skin Summertime Treatment

Light and gentle Green Tea Series products are the perfect facial summertime treatment. In the South and East, where green tea drinking is a tradition, people seldom suffer from skin cancer, although they are constantly exposed to burning sunrays.

Green tea contains a record load of antioxidants and strong bio-stimulants. There are more than a few hundred of beneficial agents, including valuable amino acids, protein, tanning agents, ferments and vitamins. P-vitamin content in tea is pulanna-blog-image-june-02-en-2016a few times higher than in citrus fruits, whereas A-provitamin content in the leaves is higher than in carrot. Green tea is also B, C, and E-vitamin rich. The unique mix is enriched with microelements, mineral complexes and valuable essential oils.

The main problem in summertime is the lack of moisture after a cold winter, therefore skin hydration needs special attention. This concerns each age group and each skin type. Surface fine lines are the first sign of dehydration. Green Tea Series products hydrate the skin actively, causing the skin to react better to negative impact of environment, strengthening the blood vessels and has an antioxydant effect. Natural sunscreen is included in the receipe.

Teatree oil is produced in South China. It is almost scentless, with a sebaceous gland juice stucture, therefore is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Using cosmetic products made with green tea make your skin smooth and silky.

Green Tea Balancing Toner does not contain alcohol and is safe to be used at the beach. It calms the skin down and leave a refreshing feeling. The Series include Moisturizing Day Cream and Pulanna Sebum Control Night Cream. The unique gel and cream combination, stacked in pearls or spirals, lets You mix the right receipe Yourself. Oily skin needs 12 pearls of cream and more gel, dry skin – vice versa. Avoid contact with eye area.

Eye contour gel is a different story — the eye area needs a careful treatment. Skin is the most sensitive in the eye area. It is very poor in natural fat, therefore is very gentle to exhaustion, lack of sleep, any disease that involves fever, psycological stress etc. There are no muscles under the skin in this area, that would strenghten and tighten it. Moreover the eye area is very exposed to mimic gesture load.

As tea has a good ability to cure inflamation and irritations, it is often used in production of antibacterial creams. Dermatologists even recommend the „tea-cosmetics“ to allergy sufferers.

There are many temptations in summertime and burning sun is one of them. It would be nice to gaze in the sun and boast about a hot tan, unfortunately one must be careful while sunbathing. Sad but true, too much of UV-rays lead to fast skin aging.

Main signs:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Collagen degradation

According to contemporary vision, UV-rays cause first fine lines.