Introduction to the line of phytosilver products

Silver is the strongest natural antibiotic known today. Not a single microorganism has yet developed a resistance to it. It destroys over 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses. Colloidal silver has a strong antiseptic effect, and is completely harmless to the human body.

Its effect is extremely wide, and it does not only fight viruses and fungi, but also more developed forms of life. Silver stands apart from artificial antiseptic agents in that it does not cause the formation of pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to it.

Pulanna’s cosmetic products which contain colloidal silver are unique in that they inhibit the growth and development of infection-causing bacteria. This is particularly relevant for problematic skin that is prone to inflammations and acne.

The phytosilver cleansing milk removes make-up, sebum residues and dirt. It has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, and moisturizing effect.

Beneficial effect on skin is supplemented by lotus extract, which is a well-known skin whitening agent with a purifying, stimulating, and refreshing effect.

Day cream in the shape of small balls is encapsulated in a transparent gel. This allows nutrient substances to keep their efficiency for longer.

The cream is essentially stored in packaging that is out of reach for air and bacteria. By mixing the two components, i.e. the gel and balls, in a proportion that is the most appropriate for your skin (combined or normal skin—2–3 balls and a little bit of gel, oily skin—1 cream ball and more gel), you are preparing the cream immediately before using it.

The gel, day, night, and moisturizing creams contain extracts from medicinal herbs, such as Angelica Sinensis and aloe.

Horse chestnut extract is one of the main ingredients of the moisturizing cream. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and can be used to fight rosacea and preventing the formation of blood clots.

The phytosilver facial tonic has a refreshing, toning and moisturising effect. In summer, wipe your face with the tonic during the day. Ginseng extract enhances the skin’s resistance to the adverse environmental effects and saturates the skin with nutrients and moisturizing agents.

The white peony extract has a soothing and toning effect. Owing to their well-known antiseptic properties, silver molecules penetrate into deeper tissues, restoring the function of oil glands and blood microcirculation, preventing pore clogging and stopping bacteria growth. In addition, silver can protect the skin from sunburn and prevent the development of irritation.

Pulanna phytosilver cosmetic products are indispensable for young, problem-prone, and fading skin.