We are testing micellar water, based on caviar and brilliant powder (4 reviews)

“Pulanna” released a new series, based on caviar and brilliant face powder. The series contains face lifting cream, lift serum for eye-lids and micellar water, that we are going to describe below.

This is a new product in the market of beauty products. Micellar water has been used only recently. The first, who tried it, were people who suffer skin conditions: psoriasis, dermatitis, ichthyosis and xerosis. Individuals with such conditions should avoid contacts with chlorinated water. So, micellar lotion appeared as the alternative. As the substance removes stubborn makeup and impurities without habitual washing-up, more and more women started to use it.

The manufacturer claims that this substance replaces all known in the market cleansing stuff, exceeding the customary results. Therefore, we decided to test micellar water based on caviar and brilliant face powder.

During a week, a group of volunteers had to use their regular substance and micellar water every day. To feel and see the difference, they had to clean half face with their regular substance, and the other half – with micellar water. Then to compare cotton pads after washing-up and their own sensations.

Here come the results:

„I like the ordinary substance, which I was using so far. Tender milk excellently removes makeup, it does not require intense rubbing, it easily washable with water. Based on caviar micellar water has a pleasant unobtrusive smell. Easily removes makeup. It’s a real pleasure to cleanse face with a pad, soaked in water. Feeling of freshness and cleanliness. The difference between the traces of makeup and impurities, left on the pad, is astonishing. Even the complexion seems to be clearer after micellar water. Besides, there is no need to wash it off. It means, the skin will not over-dry as it involves no contact with chlorinated water. It is very easy to remove the waterproof mascara. Just put soaked pads on for a few seconds, move gently and that’s all.”

Julia S., 48 years

„I don’t use makeup every day. In the morning and evening I wash up with ordinary tap water, apply nutritional cream, and done! As many other women, I have rather dry skin. And I have a constant trouble with choosing the cream. After three days of using micellar water, a sensation of tightened skin after washing up decreased several-fold. Pleasant texture, slightly oily, though the skin absolutely doesn’t feel it. Morning or evening, the pad is dirty. Gosh! It is so much dirt that builds up on the face.”

Elena Т., 46 years

„I love testing novelties. I have the combined skin, oily in the T-zone. I remove makeup with special substances.
The morning process is enjoyable, but in the evening I have no desire to deal with the face. I liked the water, it’s pleasant aroma and very light texture. The sensation of having washed with the spring water. I enjoyed cleansing the neck and decollete.”

Elena K., 37 years

„Our water is, mildly, speaking, is not good. Usually, I allow it to settle and add a few lemon drops. In the morning, I wipe the face with ice. To remove makeup, I use milk or foam. I was always satisfied until I saw the difference. I can’t say that the cotton pads differ a lot. Of course, pads with micellar water are dirtier. But as I choose the cleansing stuff carefully, my daily procedures are also excellent and remove everything that accumulated on the face during the day. The difference is in sensations. I think that this water will be great for rubbing face in the hot beach weather. It gives so much freshness and a feeling of cleanliness!”

Iren N., 37 years

Micellar water is ideal for all skin types. It contains plant extracts, vitamins and oil. And, as there is no need to wash it off, all useful components continue to work after washing up. However, there is one important detail. When using micellar water regularly, we recommend apply light ginseng peeling at least once in two weeks – it is similar to the use of towel, which helps to exfoliate keratinised cells.

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